School Holiday Fun – Sunday 11th April 4 pm

Cirkus Maximas

Show $10  per ticket

Show & Workshop $15 per ticket

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This is the story of two boys and two girls who have grown up in two families on the Gold Coast with a deep love of
circus. As children of circus parents, they would take every opportunity to see, watch, learn & study anything to do
with circus.
Now as young adults, they are 4 of the Gold Coast’s most dynamic, young and in demand circus performers who have
come together for a dynamic new show, CIRKUS MAXIMAS which is just the tonic for this year’s school holidays!
Ringmaster Rhett Morrow, at just 27 is a veteran of the stage. As a two-time winner of the Australian Street
Performance Championships who was brought up on circus, he has also worked & studied overseas at the incredibly
prestigious Beijing International Circus School which routinely turns out the best circus performers in the world.
Sam Ellis & T’la (pronounced Tila) Morrow are members of the Gold Coast acrobatic duo Flipantics. As well as being
Rhett’s sister, T’la has also studied overseas at the same school, is an accomplished aerialist and acrobat. While only
in her mid-twenties, Tila has over 10 years performing and nearly 20 years of training, has performed all over the Gold
Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, overseas and has done hundreds of street carnivals and festivals such as the Coffs Harbour
International Buskers Festival , Splendor in the Grass, corporate events and more. As her partner Sam, who is Mimi’s
brother is equally skilled and experienced juggler and acrobat. Sam studied with T’la in China and came from TRIX
Circus to join Cirkus Maximas. He has also performed at hundreds of festivals and events and loves to share his skills
and characters.
The youngest is Mimi Ellis (Sam’s sister) who is renowned as the fastest hula hooper in Oz. Mimi also does stilt walking,
fire breathing, clown and acrobatic work. She is also a veteran of hundreds of performances, worked with Fiesta
Entertainment on the Gold Coast, done the SeaWorld Carnivale and as the baby of the troupe is very often the crowd
All four have worked in the Seaworld Carnivale for the past several years.
And they cannot wait to meet you!
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