Games will be best of three frames – semi finals are best of five frames. Final match will be played over seven frames if time permits

Nominations will not be refunded.

Rules The running of this tournament and the order of how all games are played, is at the discretion of tournament organisers. All players will be drawn out of a barrel. Rules to local and club players apply (local: – Valla Beach to the North and Stuarts Point to the South). All decisions will be left up to the Match committee. Losers must mark next game. There will be no foul and a miss rule used in any of the games.

Dress Code As per ABS Code. Shirts must have sleeves & collar, no thongs, track pants, football shorts, baggy shorts or shirts with slogans etc.. Shorts acceptable if worn with shoes & long socks. Ladies equivalent attire. Vest for Quarter Finals on! Dress pants must be worn. NO JEANS!