Dean’s classic rock and country show includes songs from diverse artists ranging from Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, Daddy Cool, Cold Chisel, Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys and there is something for everyone.

Dean is a singer/songwriter of country and rock music.   He has also worked as a producer and has been involved in various bands and projects over the years with pop music, dance and R&B.  ​Dean had a recording career in the UK in the early 2000s and has also won awards for songwriting by the ABC in Australia.

Over the past few years Dean has focussed on his solo projects. Out of the many songs he has written he has now developed his country and rock music to the point where he will shortly release them.  The sound of this album will range from traditional country styles to modern styles influenced by exciting rock sounds. Dean uses a simple and straightforward style to tell his stories with some musical departures from what might be expected.

The songs Dean writes are mostly about love of the country, love of a woman and love of freedom but they also contain personal observations on the way things work and what it is to be a man making his way in the world. They are meant to relate to many different types of people.