CEO and Chairman’s Report 2018/2019

On behalf of your Chairman, Docca Laird, Board of Directors and all the team members I have great pleasure in presenting the 71st Annual Report for the year ending 31 January 2019.  Thank you once again to all members for their continued support through the year. It is great to see members and visitors alike taking such pride in our Club and assisting with making our venue the social hub of the Nambucca Valley.


From our operating activities a net cash result of $216,400 ($355,680 2017/2018) was attained.  This was used to meet our net financing activities of $137,366 ($247,090 2017/2018 (bank loans and gaming machine agreements) as well as net cash investing activities of $105,226 ($12,987 2017/2018).  Our cash and cash equivalents at the end of the financial year being $276,755 ($302,917 2017/2018).  Our trading profit (excluding depreciation and gain on disposal of assets) was a $137,466 ($267,089 2017/2018 {decrease in Poker Machine Revenue $103,818 on previous year}). From our financial statements you will note that we have a ending net loss of $113,673.  As a management team we have discussed this outcome and acknowledge that the valley overall has had a downturn in income with the moving on of the workers employed in constructing our bypass and the domino effect of other construction businesses including Abi Group.

Renovation and Furniture & Fitting Updates

During the past 18 months we have purchased new function room furniture replacing the 40 year plus and outdated existing furniture with a new modern style function theme.  The round tables are proving popular for celebrations with comments from guests being that they allow more social interaction.  There was also the need to replace the main waste management tank after it was found to be cracked and leaking.  We thank our customers and surrounding businesses for their patience with the odours experienced during the replacement process.  Our rental property in Princess street has received a facelift with new corrugated external cladding and the fence between the rental property and the CWA building being replaced.  Our new deck area has expanded our dining and small function areas – already proving popular with birthdays, baby showers, meetings and pre dinner drinks area.  Pre dinner grazing platter, trendy wicker furniture, the best area heaters around – a perfect setting to entertain your guests.   The exterior of our club has been given a new look with the sand and taupe colour scheme with monument grey metalwork.  A total of $64,158 was expended on capital equipment purchases for the 2017/2018 year  (not included is the deck expense) and we continue to maintain our maintenance commitments to already purchased capital items to maintain their good condition and ongoing usage.

Community Support & Spirit

A total in excess of $85,000 has been returned to our community and the broader region through our Club Grants program (1 Sept 2017 to 31 August 2018 {total minimum required to be returned by Office of State Revenue $17,500}).  This figure represents both monetary and inkind contributions.  Community Welfare and Social Services (Category 1 funding) received $66,000 ($12,000 in monetary contributions & $54,000 in inkind {with our Meals on Wheels service receiving a large component of this to subsidise this important community initiative}).  Education, Sport and Community Services (Category 2 funding) received $18,500 ($18,000 in monetary contributions & $500 in inkind).

Additional to the dollar value of our support for Club Grants, our club, staff, members and our community should be extremely proud of the contributions made to our Farmers Appeal. Donations of groceries, personal products, animal feed, water, vouchers and Christmas gifts I really can’t put a $ value on but in guessing exceeding $100,000.  Staff and members gave their time in collecting packing and transporting these donations out to Tamworth for distribution by the Doing It For Our Farmers organisation.  A big thank you to the Seven Day Adventist Food Hub for support of this venture.  This year’s local Australia Day Awards recognised the commitment of Paul (Stumpy) Laverty, Ron Neaves and myself receiving Service to the Community by an Individual awards.

ClubsNSW hosted their annual Clubs & Community Awards of which we submitted an entry “Connecting the Nambucca Valley through Sport” for Support of Amateur Sport.  We received notification that we were selected in the finalist list in this category.  This was an honour we shared with you our members and the community.  However the real surprise was being announced the winner of this category at this prestigious industry celebration in Sydney.

Team Spirit

I take a moment to thank our Team – Directors (who give their time freely to guide the strategic direction of your club and also hands on with some of our large community functions and activities), our fantastic Staff who give their 110% to ensure our expectations and ideas come to fruition, our business partners, our volunteers and our supporters.  We thank Petah Russell (retiring director) for her years of service to our club and welcome Helen Reibel to our Board.  Most will recognise Helen for her commitment to our RSL Sub Branch.

During this past year our staff have had the pleasure to join in many celebrations with you – our patrons.  We have also shared in the loss of your family and friends and to all those who have lost loved ones or experiencing continued illness our thoughts are with you.

We are looking to the future with a positive outlook – our community is adjusting to a life after the highway bypass.  Visitor numbers indicate that travellers are taking the time to turn off and experience what our town has to offer.  With the prospect of the Council attracting new industry to our valley employment opportunities should improve and so the economic stability of our valley will return.

Again thank you to all who have supported our club and myself in the role of CEO this year and look forward to 2020.

Judy Ward

Cheif Executive Officer