CEO and Chairman’s Report 2016/2017

CEO & Chairman’s Report for 2016/2017

It is with pleasure & pride that I present to you, the members, a combine report on behalf of your President Docca Laird and myself for 2016/2017 trading year.

It is the members & visitors of Macksville Ex-Services Club that make the club the success it is.

The Club is a vital link in our community providing a social meeting place for young and old, a place to educate & inform community & business groups, a source of support for those in need through our involvement with Lifetime Connect & other Aged Frail Disable groups. Meals on Wheels continue to grow providing a vital service to the valley.

The management staff and directors take their responsibilities to our club seriously providing a viable business, a safe secure workplace and an informed process in making business decisions. Our directors have taken their commitment to your club to the next step by completing Corporate Governance Training as required, to allow them to make informed strategic decisions to ensure our long term viability.

As previous years below I will outline some major financial indications of 2016/2017.

This year our financial statements indicate a cash operating surplus of $300,000. This result gives us a Net Profit of $43,000. Again our surplus has been applied to the repayment of borrowings and other financial lease commitments. During this last financial year we have completed the major replacement of our function room air conditioning plant (increasing our borrowings by $160,000 taken over a 5 year period).

Government payments as always put a dent in our income stream- gaming taxes $250,000 GST. $245,000 Gaming Machine Monitoring $24,000 payroll taxes $18,000. Totalling $537,000 our club contributes to State and Federal bodies

Our club has contributed $32,000 financial assistance to community welfare educational and sporting groups and individuals and $1400 in kind donations. Our biggest community project continues to be the partnership with Lifetime Connect. This financial year we have provided over 20,500 meals resulting in a contribution to the Aged Frail & Disable members of our community of $49,660.00.  Anzac Day was another outstanding community venture from the Dawn Service to the completion of the day with the RSL Luncheon.

To any member who has lost loved ones or experiencing continued ill health our thoughts are with you. To our loyal staff, thank you for the commitment you make to our club, our patrons & each other.  No club runs without volunteers so thank you all for your time and support.

Members and visitors we thank you for your continued confidence and support you show our team. We look forward to many more years of providing our community with a venue we are proud of.

Docca Laird                                                                                         Judy Ward

Chairman                                                                                             CEO