CEO & Trading Report 2015/2016

It gives me much pleasure to present a combined report on behalf of your President, Docca Laird and myself for the 2015/2016 trading year.

Thank you once again to all members for their continued support through the year. It is great to see members and visitors alike taking such pride in their Club and assisting with making our Club the social hub of the Nambucca Valley.  We may not have the view of the river to offer but make up for this 10 fold with the warm welcoming atmosphere and friendly service provided by our staff.

Our Club continues to be impacted by our valleys changing circumstances, legislative changes and every increasing costs. With the support of members, good governance by our Board of Directors and the valued commitment to excellence and service by our staff and volunteers, our club remains well position to continue to be a valuable asset to our community.

Thank you to our loyal and dedicated employees for their high level of commitment and customer service skills which plays a huge part in providing a friendly club for all to enjoy. Our volunteers, who help organise our sporting groups and assist with raffles and games days, thank you.

During the year we have welcomed Jason Borthwick to our Board of Directors. Jason has filled the vacant position created when Nikki Laird resigned due to work and family commitments.  We wish Nikki continued success in her commitment to her family and to the Macksville Business Community.  We also take this opportunity to wish Mick & Val McKay a happy retirement – Mick being a long-time employee of our Club as Assistant Manager.

Friday 6th May was a very exciting evening for our small Club when we were announced as the winner of the Disability, Welfare & Social Inclusion Category at the Clubs & Community Awards at a Gala event held Sydney. There were 17 finalists in this category.  Macksville Ex-Services Club were recognised for ” Collaboration is the Key to Supporting those with a Disability & Achieving Social Inclusion”.  This award acknowledges the commitment the staff have to each other and to our Club in general.

As in previous years below I will outline just some of the major financial indications of the 2015/2016 year.

This year our financial statements indicate a cash operating surplus of $255,000 (2014/15 $120,000). This result gives us a Net Profit for the trading year of $30,000. (2014/15 Net Loss $137,000). This has then been applied to the repayment of borrowings and meeting other financial lease commitments.  Last year’s major refurbishment of the auditorium continues to ” pay its way” with the area being used for many weddings, celebrations, and conferences.  Thank you to the members who give us the positive feedback on the style that we present our venue.  We continue to provide you with up-to-date facilities including gaming and leisure.

As always the government still continue to require payments – a huge dent in our revenue – with Gaming Taxes $225,000, Goods & Services Taxes $236,000, Gaming Machine Monitoring Fees $29,000 and Payroll Taxes of $11,600. This is more than $500,000 our club contributes to State and Federal bodies.

Just this month (June 2016) we have finally completed the air conditioning refurbishment. While it has been a long process it has definitely been worth the time and effort to ensure we have a quality product that will provide for your comfort for many years to come.  As payments were not made until completion there is no impact on the 2015/2016 financial statement.  Total project cost $160,000.

The management team of your club take our commitment to our community seriously. During this year we have provided  financial assistance to community, welfare, educational and sporting groups and individuals exceeding $40,000.

Our biggest community project this past year is forming a partnership with Life Time Connect to provide the Meals on Wheels service for the Nambucca Valley. Since starting this service in July 2015 (to May 216) we have supplied excess of 19,000 meals to the valleys residents who are in need of this support.  These meals are supplied to Lifetime connect at cost resulting an impact on our overall gross profit percentage. We look forward to a long term partnership with Life Time Connect.

In closing I take this opportunity to thank all our members and visitors for your support.

Judy Ward

Your Chief Executive Officer